“Finding beauty in a broken world is creating beauty in the world we find.”
– Terry Tempest Williams

Photo by Angelo Lazenka

Big Pine, California


May 15 - 20th, 2023

The Four Shields model offers us a compass to help us find our way back to our origins on this living planet. This wheel of human nature was handed down to Steven and Meredith in the early days of Lost Borders and has become essential teaching for regaining our human wholeness within the wholeness of life. The wheel of life is archetypal, crossing boundaries between cultures and time; it is both simple and profound.

Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California


June 14 - July 16th, 2023

The month-long intensive is designed for those who seek to explore and develop their vocation as wilderness guides within the tradition of the School of Lost Borders. Participants are given the opportunity and mentorship to fully immerse themselves in the ceremonial and practical aspects of modern day wilderness rites of passage that have evolved throughout years...

Death Valley, California


Nov 8th - 19th, 2023

A woman longs to be seen and accepted in her most wild and authentic self – a self intimately entwined with the creative forces and cycles of nature. Like the waxing and waning of the moon, her essence is reflected in the continual movement of light into the dark...