Depth psychotherapy focuses on bringing unconscious material into conscious awareness. This is done by carefully observing what lies beneath the surface of your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Because the unconscious is difficult to ascertain we often look to dreams for guidance.

Depth psychotherapy is based on the premise that psyche works in your favor to resolve inner conflicts by revealing the deeper layers of your being –the mythic and symbolic material – from which the meaning of your life is created. Carl Jung was adamant that each person inherently contains an impulse toward wholeness, a process he referred to as individuation. Depth work can help you decipher the guiding symbols and myths that direct your life. This allows you to follow your distinct path apart from the expectations of others, culture, and family. To become an individual does not lead to less engagement with the world, but to a more true engagement.

My approach is a non-judgmental, and mostly non-directive. As your psychotherapist, I trust that you will discover what is best for you. My role is to serve as a guide, or midwife, to your individuation, to be as present as possible, to mirror back your unique qualities and gifts, and to recognize that no fixed model of therapy can be imposed onto you or anyone else.