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Psychological Perspectives:

This Glorious Darkness: Reflections from the John Muir Trail, Spring 2015.

Climbing the Alchemical Mountain: A story of Initiation, Spring 2008.

Desert dreaming: Tracking psyche through the landscape, Summer 2005.

Spring Journal:

Touching Earth, Finding Spirit: A Passage into the Symbolic Landscape, Spring Journal, 2006.

Ecopsychology Journal:

For Love of the Soul of the World, March 2014.

Following the Raven: The Paradoxical Path Toward a Depth Ecopsychology, September, 2012.

Review of the Edge of the Sacred: Jung, Psyche, and Earth, by David Tacey, Spring 2010.

Circles on the Mountain:

The Wild Imaginal World of Story-Telling and Mirroring, Fall 2016.

Ancestor Preparation: On Becoming a Good Dead Person, Fall, 2017


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The Practice of Council in a University Human Development Course. Council in Schools, The Ojai Foundation. Retrieved from

Landscape Archetypes: Islands, Valleys, Mountains, and Deserts. Dissertation, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2004. Full text available from proquest:

Psyche, Nature & Cosmos video clip, a split interview with Betsy Perluss and Stan Grof that is just under 17 min

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